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  • Company evaluated by customer satisfaction.

    BKW was established in 2001 targeting to be the best living appliances supplier in the world, by providing innovative products development and affluent life and value.

    Under the founding principle of “Company is evaluated by customer satisfaction and value”, we will keep our persistent efforts and try our best to make products satisfying customers through product planning, quality and after sales service.
  • My Life Style and Products are life-style are BKW’s philosophy.

    Design and Quality, BKW’s priority.
    BKW believes that design and quality are the most important parts for our products over other values to make our goal and to differentiate from competitors.
    We have invested for design development and innovation, and have been awarded for various design awards through nations. We have been recognized for the excellent design for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, remote controllers and heaters. We have strived to make the products that the customer want through ceaseless development of products.
    We will make effort to return the favor of customers who showed us deep trust and whole-hearted support, and aim high to make even greater strides and turn the company into a leader in domestic small household electrical appliance sector. All employees of BKW will make constant effort and progress to keep this promise for our customers.
3 Own Brans and OEM ∙ ODM
3 Own Brans and OEM ∙ ODM
High-end and premium Brand with differentiated design
Practicability oriented brand Middle range brand
Characteristic and design oriented luxury brand (sole licensee in Korea)
Proven and credited for its quality and design,
Successful business under various OEM/ODM

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